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Testimonials Module 2

“For somebody exclusively involved in the academic world, Business Concept is an eye opener about entrepreneurship”

Nouria Hernandez, Rector Unil

“CTI Business Concept Training Program offers an excellent opportunity to take guided first steps towards transforming a business idea into a compelling plan while developing a strong professional network”

Engin Türetken, Postdoctoral Researcher, CSEM

“I met impressive and skilled instructors full of experience and eager to share it along with their knowledge, I subscribed to join the course with the intention of working for a start-up. During the course I was gradually getting more confident in my will to develop my own idea and hopefully create a start-up in the future.”

Séverine Cloix, PhD Student, Université de Genève

“Contacts between different professional backgrounds result in greater synergies, a better mutual understanding and new ideas that can emerge at the crossroads of disciplines.”

Marjolaine Viret, Postdoctoral Student, Université de Neuchâtel

The course is a “must” for anyone considering starting a business in Switzerland”

Maryam Yepes, PhD Student, Université de Lausanne

Pictures Module 2

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